Bodie Stroud BSI X-100 photos released

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Bodie Stroud of BS Hot Rods, who has launched his new turn-key truck called the X100. It’s based off the 1956 Ford F100, but features Stroud’s own custom chassis, a modern suspension system, and a supercharged Mustang V8 under the hood. I did a full photoshoot with the truck, and multiple outlets have published stories using the images:

2015 Lucra LC470 photos on

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2015 Lucra LC470

I’ve wanted to photograph a Lucra LC470 for quite some time, and I finally got the chance late last year. While some of the details of the car are crude, the overall shape is simply gorgeous. The review just went up on, whic you can see here.

Ring Brothers Recoil Chevelle photos on

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Ring Brothers Recoil Chevelle

Back in November I photographed the “Recoil” Chevelle for the Ring Brothers, and Road & Track have published the photos on their web site. You can check out the full gallery here.