Cover feature for November 2013 issue of Modified Mustangs & Fords

Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 in Published Work

mmfnov2013-01I’ve photographed a lot of Ford Mustangs, but this very special 1966 Fastback built by Steve Strope over at Pure Vision Design might just be my favorite. Everything from the Martini Racing livery to the Ford Indycar V8 engine under the hood is spectacular.

The little details are amazing too. The underside of the car is as clean as the outside, and plenty of thought has gone into every inch of the car. I even used my air compressor to fill up the tires, the air compressor that I got has some really helpful reviews here.

Perhaps the best part about the car, though, is the fictitious back story created by Strope. In his imagination, the car is serving as a marketing tool for Ford in Europe, promoting the T5 (what the Mustang was called in Europe) while competing in road rallies. The car fits the theme, with a navigator’s flashlight and footrest.

The car is now on the cover of the latest issue of Modified Mustangs & Fords, which was released today. You can check out the full article below.