Rennsport Reunion IV photos on

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After spending the last three days at Laguna Seca I’ve had my fill of Porsches for a while. You can see the 100-shot photo gallery over at

Featured in November 2011 issue of Modified Mustangs & Fords

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The November 2011 issue of Modified Mustangs & Fords not only featured my photography for the cover story, but also for a feature on the Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR Venom. You can see the entire article below.

Cover feature for November 2011 issue of Modified Mustangs & Fords

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mmfnovember2011When Vaughn Gittin Jr. unveiled his RTR-X Mustang at SEMA last year I was hoping to be able to photograph it. Some may not like the car’s look, but technically it’s one of the most impressive classic Mustangs I’ve ever seen and it’s got some really cool details. Plus, Vaughn actually intends to drive the heck out of the thing.

Fortunately I got the chance to photograph the RTR-X earlier this year, and Modified Mustangs & Fords used the photos for the cover of their November 2011 issue.

You can see the rest of the photos and the whole article below.

Lexus LFA photos on

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I’ve been taking pictures of cars long enough that it takes a really good photo to get me excited, and usually I know I’m capturing that photo as I’m looking through the viewfinder. This photo of a Lexus LFA was one of those. As we were doing the driving shots down a long, deserted road, the sun was just setting behind the car and I knew it was going to be a great photo.

The rest of the photoshoot turned out pretty good as well, despite the fact that the LFA was black. Not that black cars don’t look good – in fact, it might just be the best looking color – but it’s a pain to bring out the detail in the car without making it look gray. I probably spent a good 24 hours editing the images to get everything right. It was definitely worth it, though, as I think it’s one of the best galleries I’ve ever put together for Autoblog.

You can check out all of the photos as well as the review here.

Ford Mustang RTR photos on

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My photos of the 2011 Ford Mustang RTR have been published on, and I happened to write the review on the car as well. You can check it out here.

Hennessey 20th Anniversary HPE650 Camaro photos released

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2011 marks 20 years since John Hennessey started tuning cars, and to celebrate he’s building 20 limited edition 20th Anniversary HPE650 Camaros. I photographed the car for Hennessey a few months ago, and now they’ve been officially released to the media. You can see them on most of the major automotive news web sites:

Formula Drift Irwindale photos on

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Photos from this past weekend’s Formula Drift event at Irwindale Speedway have been posted over at

Hennessey Venom GT photos on ‘The Car Show’

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If you watch ‘The Car Show’ on SPEED TV then you might have seen my photos of the Hennessey Venom GT appear on episode 9. If not, you can watch it on Hulu (the photos appear about 34 minutes into the show).

Guess that car…

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I recently did a photoshoot with a car that I had been wanting to photograph for a long time. Can you name the car by simply looking at the keys?

2011 Volkswagen Jetta TDI photos featured on

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Last month I picked up the long-term 2011 Volkswagen Jetta TDI. The car is in Autoblog’s possession for the next six months or so, and it had just arrived from Detroit. I was not only tasked with photographing the car, but it would be my ride up to the Monterey car week. I love the diesel engine in the car – it provided the fuel economy of a Prius while delivering the driving experience of a normal car – and I only had to fill up once the entire week. I didn’t love the interior, however. The seats were made from a fake leather that felt terrible to the touch, and many of the materials in the car felt cheap. The diesel engine just about makes up for it, though.

You can see the entire set of VW Jetta TDI photos over at