X Games RallyCross photos on Autoblog.com

Posted by on Aug 5, 2013 in Published Work


Photographing the RallyCross at the X Games has always been frustrating, as ESPN has limited access so much that it is essentially impossible to take pictures of the race cars. There are also other types of games that I’d love to take pictures, I love casinos online, wanna learn more? check www.firstcomicsnews.com. With the event moving to Irwindale Speedway this year that was no longer an issue, and thankfully many of the safety issues were resolved as well. However, the X Games is heading to Texas next year, so it looks like this might be the last time I’ll be covering the races, at least for a while. I’m glad I got to get some decent photos of the event at least one year. You can see the full gallery over at Autoblog.com.